New Feature: Use Your Computer Keyboard To Play Piano Notes In Your Musiah Online Piano Lessons

10 August 2012

Virtual _PianoFor some time now, prospective Musiah students who don't happen to already own a MIDI piano keyboard have faced a dliemma, namely whether to take a leap of faith and invest in a MIDI keyboard in order to try Musiah's online piano lessons to ascertain whether Musiah's piano lesson course is suitable for them.


There are many people around the world from New York to London, from Los Angeles to Sydney and everywhere in between who would love to try piano lessons but don’t currently own a MIDI keyboard.


For those who can afford a MIDI keyboard, information on what to look look for when choosing a keyboard is available HERE.


But this still doesn't solve the basic dilemma of students needing to invest in a MIDI piano keyboard up front in order to try the Musiah piano lessons software.


Well, now there is a solution. To start the lessons, you don't actually need a MIDI piano keyboard at all.


But how can they try online piano lessons without a keyboard I hear you ask?


Well, the solution is easy – the FREE Musiah Virtual Piano.


Using a two small free software applications that can easily be downloaded and set up on your computer within minutes, you can play piano notes on your computer keyboard during your piano lessons with Musiah.


In fact, you can complete all of the first two levels of the Musiah piano course — that’s 34 songs, before you ever have to buy a MIDI keyboard. After that you will need to buy a MIDI keyboard, but the first 34 songs of the course is a lot of material, and certainly is more than enough to give you a good sense of what you will achieve in your Musiah piano lessons.


Of course, nothing compares to learning on a real piano keyboard, but this Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard is a great FREE temporary solution for those wishing to try a few lessons before deciding to purchase a real MIDI keyboard.


So now there’s nothing stopping you. You really can start learning piano with Musiah — right now.


For more information, read more about Musiah's online piano lessons HERE.


OR, to begin your piano lessons simply click Free Trial


Thanks for reading, and please feel free to comment.


Til next time,


Brendan Hogan

Piano Teacher & Musiah Inventor







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What people say about Musiah


I was given a keyboard and was signed up to musiah by my husband as a Christmas gift and retirement gift. I had never played any more than plonking a note here and there. I was honestly a bit overwhelmed at the idea of learning as my sense of timing is poor. How wrong was I I have loved the programme It is fun , challenging and very fulfilling. The teaching method is terrific as is the feed back and revision. The classroom experience is really fun too. I am an addict and play most days. I have now progressed to 2nd level and have signed up for a years subscription. Ps. My timing is improving and I love learning something creative and fun. Many thanks


Kath Godfrey (adult student) - Hoppers Crossing VIC, Australia


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