New Blog Launched Today

2 March 2012

Brendan Hogan White Background

We are delighted to announce that our illustrious founder, Musiah Inventor - Brendan Hogan has today launched a brand new blog.


Inspired by the joy of learning piano, this blog is dedicated to parents, students and teachers and will share a treasure-trove of gems and insights into all aspects of learning piano from practice tips to teaching technique, as well as delving into the deeper issues of how best to support and encourage each student to achieve and progress on their own unique musical journey.


Check out the first blog article now, and feel free to share your thoughts and comments.




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What people say about Musiah


I am a mature age student coming up for the big 70 and I had always wanted to play the piano I bought my piano a couple of years ago and tried to teach my self with various free lessons on utube. What a disaster Surfing the web I came across Musiah and it changed my life. (now I don't have time to make tea for my husband) It was very had for me to start as my fingers were so stiff but now I'm finding it much easier and really enjoying the lessons and the discipline. I used to break out in a nervous sweat doing the auditions at the end of a song because I so wanted to pass them. So now I have passed the first level and am very proud of myself. Officially I am now a rookie. My partner says that my playing technique has improved with passing the first level. To all the seniors out there who think it would be too hard to learn the piano have a go, It's good fun and it has given me a great sense of achievement. Thanks to Musiah I really like this programme as it allows me to learn at my own pace.