Musiah Unity Beta — The Most Significant Update So Far

28 April 2015

Last Friday saw the release of the most significant update to Musiah Unity Beta so far.

New features include;

  • refinements to the way students' playing is assessed
  • refinements to the scoring system
  • real-time (instant) visual feedback as you play
  • refinements to Musiah's verbal feedback


Instant Feedback2

The above image shows a hypothetical example of the new real-time feedback (with plenty of errors).

As you play, errors are highlighted in various colors before fading away after a few seconds.

When you have finished playing, Musiah then briefly verbally reviews the feedback with you, re-highlighting errors in batches rather than pointing to each one.

In the above image...

  • PURPLE = a timing issue (e.g. the first Right Hand note was played on the "1"... it's meant to come in earlier on the "3"
  • RED NOTE = an incorrect note (e.g. the last Right Hand note)
  • PINK NOTE = duration too short (e.g. the first Left Hand note)
  • YELLOW NOTE = duration too long (e.g. the fourth Left Hand note)
  • BLUE X = an extra note was played that is not on the sheet music
  • BLUE NOTE = a note that was left out

The beauty of the real-time feedback is that it helps you realize your errors so you can improve your playing as you continue to play.

The verbal feedback after you have finished playing is now much more concise than in older versions of the app.
And the changes to the scoring and assessment of student's playing provide higher quality, more relevant feedback — all of which contributes to a greatly enhanced lesson experience.

To experience these changes, I encourage you to try Musiah Unity Beta now.

It is available to all customers at no extra charge... And of course, if you are not yet a Musiah customer, I warmly invite you to take our Free Online Piano Lessons 14 Day Trial.

Thanks for reading.

Til next time,

Brendan Hogan
Piano Teacher & Musiah Inventor


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