Musiah For Mac Alpha Testing Has Started

6 March 2013


Update: Since this article was published, a full commercial version of Musiah-for-Mac was released on 17 June 2013.


Mac users are cordially invited to




Latest News re Musiah for Mac:Apple -logo


For all the good people who are eagerly awaiting the chance to learn to play piano with Musiah on a Mac, I am pleased to report that alpha testing has commenced.


In simple terms, what that means is I have now received a rough version of the Musiah for Mac software (which we call the alpha version) and I have started testing it and reporting bugs/issues to our Mac developer who is actively fixing things up and continuing to enhance varous functionalities.


While the job of testing thousands of modules across hundreds of lessons is a far from thrilling prospect, I am pleased to report that this early version of the Mac software is working quite well. So the testing process should be relatively straight-forward compared to the original Windows version.


So, in summary, the ability to learn piano with Musiah's online piano lessons on a Mac will soon be a reality, and we are on track to release the Mac version as anticipated in June 2013.


Thanks for your support,



Brendan Hogan L.Mus.A, A.Mus.A.

Piano Teacher & Musiah Inventor



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I am 61 years old and a tennis coach. With no previous musical experience I have been teaching myself piano for two years from youtube and books. I also took weekly private lessons for 6 months. Until I discovered Musiah I was all over the place learning bits and pieces of things but progress was slow and uncertain. I was always searching for a teaching method that consistently measured progress, while using interesting music, and a structured approach to learning. Musiah does all that and more. It is by far the best teaching method i have used. Every lesson builds on the previous one, and progress is specific and measurable. It is more fun than any computer game, and I look forward to my lessons every day.


Bruce Eaton (mature-age adult student) - Craignish QLD, Australia


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