Musiah Looks To Future With Unity

13 November 2013

UnityThough it's early days yet, a whole new way of delivering the best online piano lessons anywhere is coming soon.


Future versions of Musiah will be built using Unity — a game development ecosystem that runs on multiple platforms.


Instead of the current Windows and Mac versions, there will soon be one version that will run in both operating systems bringing you the best of both the current versions.


By all accounts a Unity version of Musiah will be leaner and more responsive than ever with crystal clear high quality VST instruments, plus it will open the door to an iPad / tablet version of Musiah.


In fact it will be so lean, it can even run on a smart phone.


We'll continue to keep you appraised of our progress as we boldly go where no piano lessons have gone before!


Stay tuned for more...




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What people say about Musiah


Ciaran has finished level 1 and passed the performance at the end. He is very excited about it and we will send some recordings to you in the next day or two. Thank you for allowing him to participate [in the Musiah Case Study] and we would like to know if he could continue with the other levels [in the VIP Beta Testing program]. We found this an ideal piano program for those people in regional areas where access to piano teachers are scarce or non-existent.


Ruth B - Albany WA, Australia


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