Musiah for iPad Status Update

15 February 2018

Rome1We are pleased to report that we are making good progress towards the official release of Musiah for iPad. 


However, as those of you who have been following the timeline may have noticed, we have encountered delays on a number of fronts – most of which have been beyond our control. 


For example, one specialist supplier that could reasonably have been expected to set up a particular service for the new website in 24-48 hours in fact took 7 weeks. 


At the end of the day, such is the nature of these things, and we will get there.


Essentially we need to first complete the new website and then release the official iPad version. 


White it is tricky to put an ETA on these things, based on the information available at the time of writing, around mid-March for both the new site and the official iPad release is looking promising. 


Confirmed dates will be announced closer to the time.




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What people say about Musiah


I look forward each night when I prepare to practice keyboard with Musiah to following the story and its background clues as I advance through lessons. I am finding it is like a replacement to watching a drama serial. It makes it a lot of fun. I receive an email every week telling me about my progress. I feel like Musiah is engaged in motivating me to keep learning at the keyboard. I appreciate that it's possible to re-sit any lesson that has been done to move on from it with more confidence, or just to enjoy the experience again. I use the practice area also for this purpose. I had been doing just a bit of keyboard practice before starting with Musiah, and every after just a little while of practising each day with Musiah I am finding that my reading and playing at the keyboard is significantly improved at faster tempos. Musiah is a patient and caring teacher, who wants his students his students to learn well. I have answered some questions incorrectly and played when I shouldn’t just to see how it goes over with Musiah. Very amusing. I often lose myself when immersed in his classroom.




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Musiah for iPad Status Update – Overall progress is good despite some delays. Our brand new web site and the official release of Musiah for iPad are now on track for mid-March.