Musiah Ltd Announces New Customer Referral Rewards Program

24 July 2013

Referral -programTo most people, it will come as little surprise to hear that much of our business is built on referrals from customers (or people who know customers) who are deeply pleased with the piano lessons they are having with Musiah.


From 24 July 2013, to help us continue to grow and realize our dream of bringing quality piano lessons to people everywhere who might not otherwise be able to afford or access traditional piano lessons, we are launching an exciting new initiative — a brand new Customer Referral Rewards Program.


Put simply, we want to encourage you to tell your friends, family and colleagues about the all benefits you receive from taking piano lessons online with Musiah, and to have your friends and family take a Free Online Piano Lessons 14 Day Trial.


And if they love their piano lessons with Musiah as much as you do, and choose to continue with paid lessons, we want to thank you with our new Customer Referral Rewards Program.


For each person you refer (that continues to paid lessons), you'll receive USD $20.00 cash via PayPal.


And each person you refer will receive a $10.00 discount simply by entering your Customer ID number during sign-up.


Conditions apply (of course).


Also, the Customer Referral Rewards Program is open to non-customer 'affiliates' as well as customers.


To learn more, please visit our new Customer Referral Rewards Program page.




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[Comment from a Musiah student who took part in our case study] I thought it was lots of fun but also very challenging. I would like to carry on with the other levels to see what happens in the story.


Ciaran B (age 11) - Albany WA, Australia


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