Mac Users Can Now Use Musiah With Bootcamp

25 July 2012


Update: Since this article was published, a full commercial version of Musiah-for-Mac was released on 17 June 2013.


Mac users are cordially invited to




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While Musiah is not yet officially available for MAC operating systems, unofficially, we have heard from some of our customers who are mac users that Musiah works reliably on a bootcamped mac computer.


As one mac user recently wrote on our facebook page:


I bootcamped my Mac and loaded windows 7 on and musiah works great! loaded it last night and up to song 10! Gonna smash those pesky Atonals!


While we are unable to provide support for this approach, should you wish to try Musiah on a mac computer, the feedback we are getting is that bootcamp is a reliable way to do it.


Please note: All other methods of running Musiah on a mac machine that customers have tried have resulted in various issues being reported. So if you are going to try running Musiah on a mac machine, please use bootcamp.


Subject to demand, we may release an official mac version in the near future.


To be notified when an official Mac version becomes available, please like us on facebook, follow us on twitter or register (opposite) to occasionally Receive Musiah Updates.


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What people say about Musiah


Before Musiah, my 10yo daughter would lose interest in playing keyboard, very quickly. Within the first session [with Musiah], she was hooked, getting excited when she passed her first "audition". Musiah made it a fun way of learning, to the point of being asked at every waking moment if she could do Musiah. Also, because the lessons are "tutored", there is no cat screeches of wrong notes, or boring repetitive "c", "c", "c" as my parents endured :) Now she has the confidence, she wants to continue learning keyboard. Thank you Musiah


Kerry B - Laverton VIC, Australia


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