How To Win 6 Months FREE Online Piano Lessons

22 January 2013

Avatar Red Purple BkgrndAs a Virtual Piano Teacher, I love seeing videos of my students playing songs from my online piano lesson course!


To encourage you to send me your video(s), I'm offering YOU the chance to WIN 6 months FREE access to the Musiah online piano lessons.


To enter, simply send me a video of you or your child playing any song from the Musiah online piano course and, if the video is good enough to display in the Musiah Piano Video Hall Of Fame, you will automatically to into a draw to win six (6) months free access to the Musiah online piano lessons.


Don't forget to check the Piano Playing Video Tips to maximise your potential for admission into the Musiah Piano Video Hall Of Fame.


To send in your video, simply click the link below. Once I have recieved your video, I will personally email you my feedback and suggestions to help you continue to improve your piano playing.


Upload your piano video HERE.


Good luck, Earthling!



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I am 66 years old and just started piano lessons with Musiah only a couple of months ago. I had not taken piano lessons, or played the piano for that matter, since age 12. I just completed Level 7 and am completely satisfied with my progress. I really like the fact that I can take the lessons at my convenience whenever it fits into my work schedule. I can do it at home and don't have to travel for a piano lesson. I can go at my own pace. I also like the "objectivity" that the program provides. The interactive artificial intelligence is an awesome way to learn how to play.


William Bakewicz - Long Prairie, Minnesota, United States


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