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10 October 2012

Savannah At Piano Thumbs 250We are delighted to announce that the new-look Musiah web site has now been launched at The new site presents clear concise info about learning piano online with Musiah including a 90 Second Overview video and a 2-min Medley video of tunes you will learn.


We hope you like the new look. Plus, you can now try Musiah's online piano lessons FREE for 14 days with our Great FREE 14 Day Trial Offer!


You can begin lessons playing piano notes on your computer keyboard OR a MIDI keyboard. Learn more


So whatever your circumstances, you really can start enjoying your piano lessons with Musiah right now.


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What people say about Musiah


I am 61 years old and a tennis coach. With no previous musical experience I have been teaching myself piano for two years from youtube and books. I also took weekly private lessons for 6 months. Until I discovered Musiah I was all over the place learning bits and pieces of things but progress was slow and uncertain. I was always searching for a teaching method that consistently measured progress, while using interesting music, and a structured approach to learning. Musiah does all that and more. It is by far the best teaching method i have used. Every lesson builds on the previous one, and progress is specific and measurable. It is more fun than any computer game, and I look forward to my lessons every day.


Bruce Eaton (mature-age adult student) - Craignish QLD, Australia


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