First Ever Earthling Earns Rank Of Musiah

2 September 2013

MichaelToday I have great pride in announcing that Michael Ortiz, age 13, of Fullerton CA, United States is the FIRST EVER EARTHLING TO HAVE EARNED THE RANK OF MUSIAH.


Over the weekend, Michael mastered "The Lost Song" and completed the final performance challenge of the epic Musiah online piano lesson course.


Musiah's piano lessons take place within the context of an adventure story set in the future.


To unlock "The Lost Song", Michael had to first learn 130 songs and successfully complete 12 performance challenges.


And then came the ultimate final performance challenge in which Michael had to master "The Lost Song" — and in so doing he defeated the Atonals (the bad guys) and saved the galaxy.


As a result, Michael has earned the illustrious rank of Musiah and shall henceforth be known as MUSIAH MICHAEL ORTIZ.


Congratulations Michael! This is a tremendous achievement.


To put this in context, Michael is the first ever person to complete the entire Musiah online piano lessons course.


He started his piano lessons with Musiah on the 6th of April 2013, and through regular practice, hard work and persistence — in less than 4.5 months (18 weeks), Michael learned what normally takes students 5-6 years when learning the same syllabus (excluding The Lost Song) via traditional piano lessons.


To put this another way...


Michael learned the entire course 16 TIMES FASTER than an average student learning the same syllabus through traditional piano lessons.


This is an incredible achievement and shows both how talented Michael is and how effective the Musiah online piano lessons software is.


I have looked forward to this day for a long time, since I first started creating Musiah more than five years ago.


It is very rewarding and humbling to have been able to teach Michael to such an advanced level entirely through my software invention known as "Musiah" — the world's first A.I. Virtual Piano Teacher.


Once again, sincere congratulations to Musiah Michael Ortiz.


And I look forward to congratulating more students on completing the course in the near future.



Brendan Hogan

Piano Teacher & Musiah Inventor


P.S. To see some of the skills Musiah Michael has recently acquired, you might like to check out this piano video in which he plays Lesson #123 from Level 11, "For He's An African Fellow". Enjoy!



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What people say about Musiah


Before starting Musiah, I had only put the keyboard on to play a song for me. I tried to learn from mum's computerised keyboard, but it was too hard. Even as early as the first session on Musiah, I found it quite easy to learn. I have been learning with a teacher once a week now, but Musiah is fun and I can do this at home in my own time. I am getting so good now, I have even played some songs for my family, including Jingle Bells at Christmas. Thank you Musiah, I can't wait to learn more.


Gypsy B (age 10) - Laverton VIC, Australia


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