Brendan meets John Foreman

23 January 2012

Yesterday, Brendan Hogan (Musiah Inventor) met with Musiah Celebrity Ambassador, John Foreman of Australian Idol/Young Talent Time fame.


He is a very nice laid-back guy. Very talented and creative, and extremely supportive of Musiah. We had a few laughs and discussed lots of ideas.


His web site is if you would like to know more about John.


 Brendan Meets John2




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What people say about Musiah


I think this is a wonderful program! I've been wanting to learn keyboard for ages now but could never afford tutoring in the budget, and other online training or books just haven't had the feedback like musiah so you don't know if you're learning correctly. I really enjoy making beats and music on programs like reason but never had the skills for great keyboard pieces. I believe with musiah I will be well on the way to helping me improve! Thank you so much for this program!


Leigh Blackburn (adult student) - Spring Farm NSW, Australia


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