Free Virtual Piano Keyboard - Play Piano Notes On Your Computer Keyboard In Your Musiah Piano Lessons

Free Virtual Piano Keyboard Now Included In Musiah Piano Lessons Software


Great News — If you would like to try Musiah's piano lessons before deciding to purchase a MIDI keyboard, there's a now a top new feature included in the Musiah piano lessons software — a Free Virtual Piano Keyboard.


Put simply, this great Virtual Piano Keyboard enables you to play piano notes using your computer keyboard.


Note: While you don't need a real MIDI keyboard to try our terrific piano lessons, I recommend using our built-in Virtual Piano Keyboard only as a temporary solution.


Once you have tried a few lessons, if you decide that you would like to continue, I suggest buying a real MIDI keyboard as soon as possible for the optimal learning and playing experience.


For advice on what to look for when choosing a real MIDI keyboard please see our MIDI Keyboard Info.


Whether you're interested in our Virtual Piano Keyboard, our piano lessons or both — simply take our Free Online Piano Lessons 14 Day Trial to experience the joy of making piano music right now.


How To Use The Virtual Piano Keyboard In Musiah's Piano Lessons


To open the VIrtual Piano Keyboard, in either the Lesson Area or the Practice Area (in the Musiah app), click 'View', then 'Virtual Keyboard'. When opened, the Virtual Keyboard looks like this:

  Musiah Virtual Piano Keyboard


To enable the Virtual Keyboard, place a check in the 'Enabled' check box.


If you press some keys on your computer keyboard, you should hear the sound of the currently allocated Musiah virtual instrument coming from your computer speakers / headphones.


To disable the Virtual Keyboard, simply uncheck the 'Enabled' check box.



1) The keyboard will only make sound if the green 'Active' light is showing. In certain situations where a keyboard response is not appropriate, the keyboard becomes inactive (in which case the 'Active' light turns off). For example, in some lesson modules the student is required to respond using the mouse / touchscreen. In this case, the Virtual Keyboard will become inactive until the next lesson module that requires a keyboard response.


2) You can close the Virtual Keyboard by clicking the 'X' and the Virtual Keyboard will still remain enabled. You just won't be able to see it until you once again click 'View', then 'Virtual Keyboard'.


3) The triangle makes the keyboard smaller / larger.


4) The keyboard is draggable. For example, you may wish to move it to the bottom right of the screen so it will be out of your way.


5) The Virtual Keyboard has two layouts. 'White Keys' is the default layout. It displays several octaves of white keys. The 'Black & White Keys' layout displays fewer octaves, but includes black keys. This layout is suitable for pieces that contain sharps and / or flats (these are typically more advanced pieces).


6) The range of piano keys can be customized for each row of characters on your computer keyboard. For example, clicking 'C' or '2' at the left side of the keyboard opens a list of letter-names and octaves that you can select.


7) Please be aware that the Virtual Piano Keyboard is not intended to be used on its own, i.e.  outside the Musiah Piano Lessons Software. 


Default Hand Positions for the Musiah Virtual Piano Keyboard

   Virtual _Piano _Keyboard _Hand _Positions


Placing your hands on your computer keyboard as shown in the above image will enable you to play many of the early pieces on the Musiah piano course without having to move your hands around.


How to answer questions or play notes outside the note range covered by the default hand positions


In Lesson 01 there is a question: “Play the C above middle C”. To do this, press the “A” key on your computer keyboard.


Also in Lesson 01 there is a question: “Play all 5 C’s on your keyboard”. To do this, press the following keys (in order) on your computer keyboard: 1 Q I A Z.


In Lesson 30, you will need to play the C above middle key. In this instance, I recommend using the “A” key on your computer keyboard.


What if I'm not a Musiah piano student?


If you take our  FREE Online Piano Lessons 14 Day Trial, you will have access to both our lessons and the Musiah VIrtual PIano Keyboard for the duration of the free trial.


This way you can have fun trying out the VIrtual Piano Keybaord — AND you can also try out Musiah's fantastic piano lessons as well — completely FREE for 14 Days.


There is absolutely no risk, no cost and no obligation to continue lessons beyond the 14 day trial, so go on... what are you waiting for?


Enroll Now





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