How Long Does It Take To Learn Piano?

8 September 2017

How _Long _Does _It _Take _To _Learn _Piano

People often ask “How long does it take to learn to play piano?”


The answer depends on your goals, practice habits, etc. but most articles on this topic will tell you it normally takes YEARS!


A more interesting question is Why does it take so long to learn piano… and can Musiah piano lessons help accelerate this process?


First… why it normally takes years to learn piano


Inefficient practice time

Primarily, the reason it normally takes so long to learn to play piano at a reasonable standard is not – as many people suppose – because of the complexity of the subject… but rather the inefficiency of the traditional learning process.


Imagine a typical beginner student who practices 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week and takes a 30 minute weekly piano lesson with a traditional piano teacher.


Because the student is on their own and unsupported from one week’s lesson to the next, they usually practice inefficiently, often mis-learning things that subsequently have to be unlearned and re-learned correctly. So their practice time is not being well used.


Inefficient lesson time

And then there’s also a staggering amount of inefficiency in the lesson time.


In a typical piano lesson, instead of moving forward with new materials and skills for the whole 30 minutes, the teacher (understandably) needs to start off by reviewing what the student has practiced during the week.


Once the teacher has assessed the range of things the student has learned incorrectly, they will then spend time trying to correct this, possibly the rest of the lesson.


At most, in a typical lesson, (for the sanity of both teacher and student) there will be a few minutes at the end devoted to trying to squeeze in something new that the student can work on for the next lesson.


These are just some of the reasons why, in a traditional lesson scenario, it normally takes years to learn to play piano.


How Musiah piano lessons accelerate the learning process — helping you learn up to 16 times faster


In a traditional piano lesson scenario, not knowing exactly what to practice and how to practice it greatly slows down a student’s progress.


But if it were possible for a student to have their piano teacher sitting next to them during every minute of their practice time — this would drastically alter the student’s progress.


This is where Musiah comes in.


The efficiency of merging lesson and practice time

With Musiah, practice time and lesson time are not separated. Instead, time spent with Musiah (the world’s first and only A.I. piano teacher) is a perpetual piano lesson in which you have your very own A.I. piano teacher right next to you at all times — guiding and supporting you every step of the way.


So your progress and enjoyment of the songs you are learning will skyrocket.


As an A.I. piano teacher, Musiah responds to your playing just like a traditional piano teacher because he is modelled on a traditional piano teacher — me, Brendan Hogan L.Mus.A., A.Mus.A.


Learning piano with Musiah is just like having me, personally, as your piano teacher delivering each minute aspect of every lesson with the same care and concern for your musical development as I would myself (with nothing lost in translation as would happen if I were to hire and train a human teacher to deliver the lessons on my behalf).


Learn more about how Musiah is modelled on a human teacher (me) and how this will benefit you


The efficiency of the Musiah piano method

And then there’s the efficiency of the Musiah piano method compared to other methods.


In summary, the Musiah Method is based on the traditional approach – so you’ll learn to read and play the notes in each hand properly – but Musiah uses a highly efficient combination of note-reading and teaching techniques to vastly improve the effectiveness of the traditional piano method. It will literally shave years off the time if would otherwise take to learn to read sheet music fluently.


Many online piano lessons sites claim to have the best method or the most well thought through syllabus — but they have nothing to back up these claims.


By contrast, the Musiah piano teaching method and syllabus was first tested and developed with 80,000 students (and 800 teachers) over a 17 year period before being embodied as a software invention!


No other online teaching method and syllabus has been so extensively tested in the real world. With Musiah, you can start as a complete beginner and by the time you have completed the course, you will have the music reading and playing skills to learn and play virtually any piece (within reason) in any style.


And you’ll do it in record time.


Learn more about the Musiah Method


Efficient learning of music theory

Did you know that many traditional piano teachers devote at least part of each lesson to teaching music theory separately, which reduces the amount of lesson time spent actively playing and learning songs.


In some cases, students even attend separate music theory lessons altogether — which takes even more time away from directly learning to play and read sheet music.


And, let’s be honest, many piano students don’t find learning music theory enjoyable.


By contrast, in Musiah piano lessons, through smart teaching techniques, all essential music theory is slipped into the lessons surreptitiously (I promise you’ll barely notice it — but it is there). So you’ll be learning theory while still being engaged in learning songs and playing piano.


As one student astutely put it… “While Musiah uses songs to provide direction and reinforcement, they’re used to provide a sound pedagogical background for the associated theory.”


The efficiency of Musiah’s directed curriculum

When I was a piano student, my teacher rightly encouraged my forays into contemporary / pop music, etc. as long as any time I spent practicing these extra-curricular pieces was in addition to – NOT instead of  – my core practice time.


These days, one of the problems with many online piano lessons offerings is that they offer students too much freedom to pick and choose what material they would like to learn with little direction or guidance on what core material they really must learn in order to progress as efficiently as possible (in terms of gaining reading and playing skills)— so that they will ultimately be able to learn and play any piece they want to.


Consequently, with many online piano lessons products, after a few years of ‘dabbling’ with various songs, students often find that they have very little reading and playing skills and are not much more advanced than when they first started.


By contrast, with Musiah piano lessons, students follow a pre-set course of lessons / songs that will take students from beginner to advanced level in the shortest amount of time.


Prior to the invention of Musiah, when we used to teach the same syllabus in a traditional lesson scenario, it used to take an average student around 6 years to complete the course.


Now, with Musiah (depending on practice habits, etc.) students with no prior tuition are completing the course in as little as 4 to 6 months — that's 16 times faster.


And from there, students are then able to teach themselves more or less any piece they choose (within reason).



Unlike other piano lessons sites, here at Musiah, you won’t find any false claims or unsustainable promises, only rock solid, common-sense quality piano lessons that have been crafted in minute detail over many years so that you truly can learn to play piano and read sheet music up to 16 times faster.


Just to re-cap, the cornerstones of the Musiah piano lessons approach are:


  • Merging lesson and practice time into a perpetual guided lesson using the latest A.I technology
  • The efficiency of the Musiah piano method
  • Efficient learning of music theory
  • The efficiency of Musiah’s directed curriculum


And so I warmly invite you to put Musiah piano lessons to the test.


If you want to fulfil a lifetime dream of learning piano, brush up your existing note-reading and music theory knowledge or give your children the best possible foundation in their music education, you can do so here and now…


Simply take our Free Online Piano Lessons 14 Day Trial.


Happy playing,


Brendan Hogan L.Mus.A., A.Mus.A.

Piano Teacher & Musiah Inventor


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Hi everyone I already play piano. but I like the idea to prove the software and mostly to encourage my 8 year old boy to get interested in piano. After few weeks we both learn and have fun together. and suprisely we are more connected as father and son. He learn to play ´piano with both hand and finally he can easly identify any note on the keyboard, and what i like the most is the he stop play ps3 to stay and practice more time with musiah. Really great stuff!!


Alejandro Malo (adult student and father whose son learns with Musiah) - Sinaloa, Mexico


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