Musiah Review: “I found Musiah piano lessons the most fun and engaging to learn from”

16 June 2017

“Worth every penny… this software kicks ass!”


Piano _setup

I just finished Musiah last week. The last 10 songs took me: 50 days, 86 practices, and 175+ hours to complete. Worth every penny :)


I had to grind out the last 3 or 4 levels because I am going overseas to work! I enjoyed every minute of it. Unfortunately, I won't be able to play for a few months because I'll need to get settled in with a new job.


I used Piano Marvel for the 1st month of my piano learning career. I started from 0 and have never had a piano teacher. It starts your training off in middle C position then changes the bass hand to a lower octave.


I hated this because I was used to reading the bass notes and could no longer play. This was extremely frustrating for me because the A and B notes were no longer played by my left hand and were now primarily for my right. I went from being able to play songs/lessons easily to basically being at square 1 again.

My trial ran out so I switched to Musiah. This program has a way better interface and a virtual teacher that responds in real-time to your playing. Whereas, Piano Marvel only had YouTube lessons.


The virtual teacher can be a little annoying, but you learn to work with it. Also, Musiah tracks how long a note is held for unlike Piano Marvel. Your score can fluctuate if a note is held too long or too short.


I learned a lot using the Musiah software and achieved beating the game without using any music teacher. I read a lot of online forums/websites and the general idea is that EVERYONE needs to get a human teacher in order to learn piano. I think that's incorrect. Musiah and other piano learning software make it easy for someone to play at their own pace whenever they want.


I found Musiah the most fun and engaging to learn from and that's why I stuck with it. I am confident I can read notes and use proper finger technique to work through future pieces.


Piano learning software has come a long way. Seems like a lot of people are stuck in their old ways of thinking that music can only be taught by humans. What a joke, this software kicks ass and I think any millennial could set this up and play. They just need discipline and motivation to stick with it.


I just wish this was around when Guitar Hero 1, 2, and 3 were out. I spent way too many hours playing those when I should have been learning to play real notes with a real instrument but couldn't afford a teacher. :)


On a side note, the creator(s) of Musiah sent me an email congratulating and thanking me for using their software. They asked that I write a review for their website since I have completed the software. The reason I am mentioning this is because the email had other specific stats about my playing. I believe the email was personalized and hand written not generic and auto generated.


This says a lot about the people programing and monitoring the students to make sure there is a proper difficulty curve and very little software bugs to deal with.


If you are curious, attached is pic of my piano/laptop setup before I packed it all away.




Caleb R – Austin, Texas, United States


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What people say about Musiah


It has been a wonderful experience with Musiah. Totally exceeded all my expectations! I was actually planning to get a piano teacher for my wife and myself and then I came across Musiah. Since there is a 14 day trial, no harm trying. On the 1st day of trying, it totally changed my perspective of how impressive an online program can be. Besides being an excellent software, what I like best is the interaction with Brendan. The service he gave was excellent! Thumbs up! Solved all the issues I have and frankly, how often do you get the inventor/owner to call you personally to solve issues. This totally won me over. Some main pros of Musiah: Easy to comprehend, learn at your own pace, very cost effective, excellent customer service and I like the fact that you have to go thru auditions for every level... Well, the list goes on. This is only my 1st week of lesson and I'm loving it so much. Thanks Brendan for this wonderful program and the excellent customer service!


Benedict Ow (adult student) - Mount Waverley VIC, Australia


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