Musiah Review: “We love Musiah – Our 3 children have all finished the lessons”

3 July 2017

“Our family and friends are really impressed with how they have improved over the past 2 years”


Lay _FamilyI have always wanted my children to learn piano but, looking around, it was just too costly for us to afford piano lessons for all of them.


I am grateful to have come across Musiah online. It has made it affordable for us so I thought of giving it a go.


Our 3 children have all finished the lessons [the whole course] and earned the rank of Musiah.


The kids really enjoy it because there's a story mode [optional] with cartoons which was great for kids. It makes it more interesting for them. And then, they get to have stars when they finish a lesson so it's an encouragement for them. It helps them try their best to get more stars.


One of my kids was bullied at school and learning piano through Musiah has helped him develop self-confidence and he is the most advanced in Musiah of all our children. He is a bit of a perfectionist so he tries hard to get 5 stars in each lesson. If he can't do it at first, he tries over and over until he gets 5 stars. I am extremely pleased of his achievements.


It also encourages his siblings to try harder. It's also great that they can use a headphone to practice so it doesn't break my ears when they all practice at the same time in different computers at home.


Recently, our 3 children have performed in front of a lot of people. Our family and friends are really impressed with how they have improved over the past 2 years. Two of them have also performed in front of more than 200 people. One of them has been assigned to play piano in his Sunday school class every week. 


So thanks so much Brendan Hogan for creating Musiah. We really appreciate it and will continue to recommend Musiah to our family and friends.

Maria L – Cranbourne West VIC, Australia


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What people say about Musiah


We are thrilled with the results my 9 year old daughter has obtained so far. The program keeps her interest and the constant feedback and interactive learning keeps her attention and encourages her to keep working when she cannot master the skills initially. The value of the program is great. If we took her to lessons at a store she would receive 30 minutes a week for about $25. We paid for the whole year and she has already completed 19 lessons and is moving on the level 2 (it has been less than 3 months) She is playing with both hands and learning to read music and play in time. We are a family of musicians, (husband - guitar, son-drums, mom-sings) and we have told many people about Musiah, we are sold!


Tyanne Pethel (mother of student, Jordan) - Marietta GA, USA


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