Musiah Review: “If You Have A Dream To Play And Be Great At The Piano…”

6 February 2017

Steve _Rinaldi _Musiah _Piano _StudentToday I’m delighted to share with you this insightful and unique review of Musiah’s piano lessons by Steve Rinaldi from New Jersey, USA.


What’s a different about this review is Steve first became a Musiah by completing the course but then, he waited more than 6 months before writing his review.  As he explains...




I wanted to give the most honest review I could and so I realized I needed to see what I was capable of post Musiah completion so that I could share that with others. Here is my review: 


I started Musiah November 2015 on a free trial and then subscribed for 6 months when the trial ended. With my schedule as a full time student, athlete and working part time, I believed at the time I could still complete the program in 6 months. I was naive and had made it to about level 6 at that time.


I then signed up for the one-year subscription in which I completed Musiah on May 31, 2016. So overall it took me about a year and a half on a busy schedule to complete Musiah.


If you have a dream to play and be great at the piano then I highly recommend you build your foundation with Musiah.


That being said, if you have a dream to play and be great at the piano then I highly recommend you build your foundation with Musiah. I had looked everywhere at the time to find a way to learn the piano online and I felt, and still do, that Musiah is the best place to start. 


The progression and challenges evolve smoothly although there will be times during your journey where you will have to make a ‘leap’ so to speak, in skill. As difficult as these ‘leaps’ may be at times, in my opinion it’s the perfect push to take you from one level to the next.


I have taken zero piano lessons with a live teacher and today I am reading sheet music and playing pieces...


I have taken zero piano lessons with a live teacher and today I am reading sheet music and playing pieces that inspired me to start learning piano in the first place. I even went back to remaster songs that I loved and learned in Musiah.


This program is ideal for adults and children alike. The story line is fun (even as an older student, I still enjoyed it) and definitely something kids would enjoy. Although adults may not be too fond of the story line, I used it as a trash talking outlet and tool for motivation.


With your consistent effort, Musiah will assist you in laying the foundation you need to become great at the piano.


Don’t misunderstand this review though. Beating Musiah, learning to read sheet music and play the piano is not easy (even though Musiah makes it as smooth as possible). If this task were easy, everyone would do it.

Don’t kid yourself into believing you won’t have to work hard to complete this.


Even if you don’t complete Musiah, you’ll still get a lot out of it. However, from my personal experience you will be robbing yourself of what you’re capable of achieving and reaching higher ‘levels’ if you don’t finish Musiah. My skills and talent grew exponentially from completing levels 11-13. Those are the toughest ones but they are doable. 


Honestly, I nearly quit a few times during my journey but it’s always been my dream to be able to read sheet music and play the piano, as I’m sure it is for most of you reading this. If I could do it, as much as I was frustrated and struggled at times, you can do it as well. 


How do you eat a whale? One bite at a time. That’s the mentality that got me through to the end of Musiah. Some days all I could put in was 15 minutes but 15 minutes a day is far better than 0. It’s progress. It’s steps forward and that count for something. 


An exciting and well-designed platform to learn to play the piano, read sheet music...


Brendan Hogan and the Musiah team have created an exciting and well-designed platform to learn to play the piano, read sheet music, proper hand/finger positions, play with and understand rhythm, learn to truly listen to each note (play by ear, to a degree) and have the ability to teach myself most pieces after beating the program.


I waited a few months to write this review because I wanted to test the aftermath. What happens after you beat Musiah?


Well, I’ve continued on learning to play the piano with pieces I love the most and I learned those songs with the same style of progression that I learned from Musiah. It has not failed me yet.


I find sheet music to songs I like all over the Internet. Even on YouTube, people post videos showing you how to play a song. I have found those to also be far easier to complete after finishing Musiah, however I prefer to play with sheet music only if possible. That’s one of my favorite results so far. 


I highly recommend going for it all if you’re truly willing to put in what it takes to complete this. I advise against making the same mistake I made by saving your money with a longer subscription. 6 months is possible but if you have a busy schedule and no prior experience like I did, it’s best to give yourself more time.


Every level in Musiah gets you better and takes you to the ‘next level’ of ability and talent. It’s an excellent progression and in my opinion a 10/10. Good luck on your journey everyone! 




WOW! A BIG Thank You Steve for this tremendous review which I was humbled and honored to receive.

And what a wonderful outcome you have achieved — having taken zero piano lessons with a live teacher and today you are reading sheet music and playing pieces that inspired you to start learning piano in the first place — this is the embodiment of why I created Musiah. This is awesome — and a great credit to you.


And, I particularly enjoyed your analogy of “How do you eat a whale? One bite at a time.”


Learning piano and even the Musiah course itself is very much like a whale. It’s a vast and fulfilling journey, that can only be tackled one bite at a time. And learning — the process of acquiring knowledge — is very much like ingesting or consuming amazing new discoveries and skills. Hence expressions like “a thirst for knowledge” and “a hunger for learning”.


It also impressed me that, like most students (myself included), you came close to quitting a few times on your journey… but because you persevered, you have succeeded and your life is now forever changed.


Musically, there are two states of being… there’s the life you had before the gift of music and now the life you have afterwards. The gift of music is something no one can take away from you. It’s something deep within that you will always have and that will always remain with you.


So congratulations and welcome to the club my friend.


In closing, if you (dear reader) have a dream to play and be great at the piano, why not start your journey like Steve did… by taking our Free Musiah Piano Lessons 14 Day Trial.


Thanks for reading.


Til next time,


Brendan Hogan

Piano Teacher & Musiah Inventor


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I have always wanted to play piano proficiently and as an adult I wasn't sure how I would ever achieve this goal. Now courtesy of the Musiah program I honestly believe I will achieve my goal. Musiah is well thought through and very thorough. Musiah is helping me improve my timing, music reading and technique all at the same time. I can learn at my own rate and every practise is an opportunity for me to gain greater progress. I thought at one stage that I was moving too quickly and perhaps I wasn't learning what I needed to thoroughly enough. This was a concern I didn't need to hold as the performance challenge meant that I had to polish up three songs at full tempo including a couple that I had found challenging. This was great and has kept me accountable. I also have my daughter learning at the same time and we are able to help each other. It is a fun, engaging and professional way to learn Piano. Given the cost and number of people who are able to use it under one license it is also one of the best value ways to learn Keyboard anywhere. I love it.


Craig Irvine (adult student) - Glen Iris VIC, Australia


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