How To Learn Piano 16 Times Faster

17 September 2013

How -To -Play -Piano -16-Times -FasterOnline piano lessons with Musiah are a fun way to learn piano 16 times faster than traditional piano lessons. This page explains how such amazing progress is possible and how YOU can achieve it.


The Problem With Traditional Piano Lessons


When taught via traditional piano lessons, the Musiah piano syllabus normally takes 6 years to complete.


The biggest limitation on student progress to date is that traditional piano teachers can only be with their students once a week — during lessons.


The rest of the time (in a traditional lesson scenario) students are left to their own devices without any support from one week’s lesson to the next, often without knowing if they are practicing their songs correctly.


This results in a lot of wasted time as students often form bad habits that need to be corrected in subsequent lessons when they could otherwise be progressing on to new pieces.


And this has been going on for hundreds of years.


The Solution


I decided to create a scenario in which students of all ages are empowered to learn and progress at their optimal rate, a rate that allows students to reach their full potential.


And so I began work on creating Musiah, the world’s first Artificially Intelligent Virtual Piano Teacher.


Four years and millions of dollars later, a rough “Alpha” version of Musiah was ready to test.


Online Piano Lessons Case Study


Case Study Cover CroppedIn October to December 2011, a 10 week case study was conducted to compare the effectiveness of the “Alpha” version of Musiah’s online piano lessons with traditional piano lessons.


Even though the Alpha version of Musiah was full of bugs and lacked many of the features of today’s version, the results were impressive.


In summary, the study showed that beginner students who had access to Musiah (whether a traditional teacher was involved or not) progressed on average 5-8 times faster than students who did not have access to Musiah.


What we were able to deduce from the study was that the presence or absence of a traditional piano teacher is not the main factor in the student’s progress but rather the presence or absence of Musiah.


If a student has access to Musiah, whether or not they are also learning from a traditional piano teacher, they will progress faster than an average student learning with a traditional teacher alone.


Read the full Online Piano Lesson Study


How To Learn Piano 16 Times Faster


While the results of the case study were impressive, what we couldn’t know for sure at the time was how students learning with Musiah over a longer period of time would fare compared to traditional piano students.


Fast forward to August 2013, and meet Michael Ortiz, age 13, from Fullerton CA, United States (pictured top right).


In August 2013, Michael became the first person to complete the Musiah piano syllabus online and he did so in just 18 weeks.


That’s 6 YEARS OF LEARNING in just 18 weeks!


So, what was different about Michael’s approach that enabled him to progress even faster than the students in the case study?


It’s no great mystery. The answer is really quite simple.


In Michaels’ own words:


“I practice 7 days a week at least 30 minutes per day, I don't really keep track of time, I just do it daily, and when I was using musiah, I would go thru the lesson, and go to the practice area for like 20 minutes. As I advanced I found myself practicing more, sometimes for 2 hours. Also I tend to play at different times so I play like 10 -15 minutes per session at different times.”


So in summary, Michael practiced an average of 60-70 mins each day, 7 days a week for 18 weeks.


By contrast, the case study students practiced an average of 15-30 mins, 3-5 days week for 10 weeks.


What Can We Learn From Michael’s Experience?


Let’s briefly look into practice habits a little deeper to gain a wider perspective...


In a traditional piano lesson scenario, most beginner students practice somewhere around 15-30 mins a day, 3-5 days a week (the same level of practice as the students on the Musiah case study).


Then very gradually, over time their practice levels increase as they become more advanced.


By the time a traditional student has been learning for 5 years (equivalent to Level 11-12 in Musiah), they’ll usually be practicing at 60-90 mins a day, 5-6 days a week (i.e. comparable levels to Michael).


In other words, when Michael was on Level 12, the amount of practice he was doing was comparable to traditional piano student who has been learning for 5 years, but Michael had only been learning for weeks or months.


So the difference between Michael and the students who participated in the Musiah Online Piano Lessons Case Study is that Michael allowed his practice levels to increase quite rapidly so they would be appropriate for the level of advancement of the songs he was learning.


Summary Findings


An average traditional student whose practice levels follow the usual trajectory, starting off low (15-30 mins a day) and increasing gradually over a number of years to 60-90 mins a day will take 6 years to complete the Musiah course.


As per the case study, a student of Musiah’s online piano lessons whose practice follows a similar trajectory to the above will progress 5-8 times faster than a traditional student, especially in the early stages.


To accelerate your learning ever more (16 times faster than traditional piano lessons)…


The key to learning 16 times faster than an average traditional piano student (as Michael has done) is twofold:


1. You need access to Musiah, so you will have the support of an intelligent virtual piano teacher every second, every step of the way, which will dramatically increase the effectiveness of your practice.




2. Aim to allow your practice levels to increase in line with your rapid progress through the course.


In other words, as a Musiah student, you may reasonably expect to become ‘advanced’ extremely quickly if you adopt the practice habits that would normally be associated with an ‘advanced’ student.


Ultimately, whatever amount of practice best suits you, Musiah is an easy and fun way to learn that will reward you with a rate of progress that is many times faster than traditional piano lessons.


Check out this video of Michael playing The Spy Who Practiced...



If you (dear reader) would love to be able to play piano like Michael, and you have not yet tried Musiah’s online piano lessons for yourself, why not take our FREE Online Piano Lessons 14 Day Trial.


And of course, if you have any questions for me personally, please feel free to email me at [email protected].


Thanks for reading.


Til next time,



Brendan Hogan

Piano Teacher & Musiah Inventor


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Thanks for the practice information and thanks to Michael for being an example to us all. I understand now it is ok that it takes me longer to learn each piece that is normal and I will increase my practise time. I like the idea of 15 minutes several time through out the day, I can do that!.

Mary ann Leslie

Hi Mary-Ann, thanks for posting :) As you say, it is perfectly fine and normal that pieces will take longer to learn as you become more advanced. Even though you may feel at times like your progress is slow, you are actually progressing much faster than with traditional piano lessons. Keep up your great work, and do let me know how these practice tips are working for you, Brendan.

Brendan Hogan

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In just two weeks of learning piano with Musiah, I've been able to buy sheet music and start playing songs that I love. This really is revolutionary. "I wish I hadn't stopped piano lessons when I was a child..." If this sounds like you well it's time to throw that regret out the window. With Musiah, those scattered childhood memories will empower you to learn piano FAST and play piano like you've always wanted to! My strongest, childhood memory was 'every good boy deserves fruit' (that's pretty much it) and now thanks to Musiah I'm reading notes by sight and learning to play piano faster than ever. If you have no piano experience it's revolutionary b/c you won't be traumatised by boring repetition or snail-pace learning, rather you'll be catapulted into an imaginative world where learning is easy and challenges are fun. This really is the fastest, funnest (are we allowed to make up new words?) and most relevant way to learn piano in the 21st century :).


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