Musiah Review: Kids Online Piano Lessons Reviewed By Father Of 5

16 May 2013

Daniel1Today, I am especially thrilled to share with you this review of Musiah's online piano lessons from father of 5 kids, Oscar Ortiz Sr. He has a wonderful family, and they hail from Fullerton CA, Unitd States. Daniel (age 11) is featured opposite.


Not only was Oscar Sr. kind enough to send me this review, he also sent in four fantastic videos (further down) that show just how well each of his kids is learning with Musiah's piano lessons, both in terms of their playing skills and their ability to read sheet music.


Here's what he had to say about his family's experience learning piano online with Musah:




I am a father of 5 children and its my wish that they could learn how to play the piano, but knowing how expensive piano classes are and all the time and travel spent I decided to try different courses that could help me teach my kids music.


I have spent a lot of money in so many online courses and private piano classes and I did get some knowledge but i still wasn't satisfied, until i decided to try musiah.


I cannot tell you how pleased I am with this program. My kids are playing on their own more than ever. They compare the songs they have learned and the best part is that I dont have to push them to do it, nor do I have to teach them myself.


I have just started using Musiah myself i am on lesson 5 and my 13 year old boy is already in level 4. I am so excited!! Thank you musiah!! : )


Oscar Ortiz Sr.





 View video of Michael age 13 playing The Rakes Of Mallow.


What is truly impressive is Michael learned to play this piece (Piano Lesson #61) at 4.5 weeks


View video of Joshua age 9 playing Indian Dance.


Remarkably, Joshua — at 9 years of age — learned to play this piece (Piano Lesson #20) at 4 weeks.


View video of Daniel age 11 playing Old macDonald.


This is another great result in that Daniel learned to play this piece (Piano Lesson #40) at 3.5 weeks.


View video of Oscar age 13 playing Pop Goes The Weasel.


Well done to Oscar who learned to play this piece (Piano Lesson #21) at 3.5 weeks.




Congratulations Oscar Sr., and to all your kids (including Katelin who is also progressing very well), and sincere thanks for sharing your positve comments, your wonderful videos, and for your support of Musiah's online piano lessons.


If you (dear reader) would like to experience the tremendously positive difference learning piano online wiht Musiah can make in the lives of your kids (and in your own life), why not take our Learn To Play Piano FREE For 14 Days Trial Offer.


I personally encourage you to try learning to play piano online with Musiah for yourself because I have seen first hand, many times, the life-changing impact these lessons can bring, as they have done for the Ortiz family.


Thanks for reading, and please feel free to comment.


Til next time,



Brendan Hogan

Piano Teacher & Musiah Inventor



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My name is Savannah and I am 7 years old. Musiah is really fun and I like the characters in the story, especially the green girl alien! I think it's funny when Musiah scratches his head when I get the notes wrong but he helps me until I get it right. Mummy helps me with my lessons too and I can even do them in my pyjamas! My favourite song I have learned to play so far is 'Hot Cross Buns' but one day I want to learn how to play 'Jingle Bells' too.


Savannah M (age 7) - Caboolture QLD, Australia


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