Online Piano Lessons — Learn Piano 16 Times Faster

Online Piano Lessons

— A Fun Way To Learn Piano 16 Times Faster

Proven in scientific study. Ideal for both adults and children.
Plus, you can learn from home anytime that suits you.




Video Transcript


In this video, I’ll be introducing you to...


Online Piano Lessons With Musiah


— the world’s first Artificially Intelligent Virtual Piano Teacher


and explaining how Musiah’s...


Fun And Easy Online Piano Lessons


will have you


  • learning to play piano up to 16 times faster than traditional piano lessons
  • learning how to read sheet music quickly and fluently
  • learning to play hundreds of songs in a variety of styles


all in the convenience, comfort and privacy of your own home — when it suits YOU.


Take the experience of the Ortiz family from Fullerton California as an example.




Ortiz _Family“I am a father of 5 children and it’s my wish that they could learn how to play the piano, but knowing how expensive piano classes are and all the time and travel spent I decided to try different courses that could help me teach my kids music.


I have spent a lot of money in so many online courses and private piano classes and I did get some knowledge but I still wasn't satisfied, until I decided to try Musiah.


I cannot tell you how pleased I am with this program. My kids are playing on their own more than ever. They compare the songs they have learned and the best part is that I don’t have to push them to do it, nor do I have to teach them myself.


I have just started using Musiah myself I am on lesson 5 and my kids are progressing amazingly fast. I am so excited!!


Thank you Musiah! : )”


Oscar Ortiz Sr — Fullerton CA, United States (Dad)




All around the world, parents just like Oscar, as well as kids who are learning with Musiah, and adults who are learning piano with Musiah are absolutely ecstatic, and going into raptures about how incredible Musiah is.


What Is Musiah?


Stick _figure _standing _by _laptop _1600_wht _5771Now you’re probably wondering, what is Musiah?


Put simply, Musiah is the world's first Artificially Intelligent Virtual Piano Teacher.


It’s a software application that runs on your computer, and Musiah responds to your playing just like a conventional piano teacher.


But unlike a conventional teacher, Musiah is available 24/7 to support you every step of the way, which makes a huge difference to your progress.


Musiah makes learning piano like playing a computer game


And another big thing that motivates students to learn and progress is Musiah makes learning piano like playing a computer game.


It’s Easy And Fun To Play...


Jac Musiah Pic“You won't be traumatized by boring repetition or snail-paced learning.


Rather you'll be catapulted into an imaginative world where learning is easy and challenges are fun.


This really is the fastest, funnest (are we allowed to make up new words?) and most relevant way to learn piano in the 21st century :).”


Jacquie Godsman — Drouin, VIC Australia

(Adult Piano Student)




Why I invented Musiah…


If I may, I’d like to share with you a little bit about why I invented Musiah…


The truth is...


There are a number of inefficiencies in the traditional piano method, and in practices common among traditional piano teachers that actually slow down your learning.


And this is why I created this incredible new software invention called Musiah.


In the words of celebrity music maestro John Foreman who tested the program extensively himself...


Foreman For Site Cropped


"With Musiah’s online piano lessons, you will be able to achieve in weeks or months what might normally take years to do."


John Foreman — Celebrity Music Maestro




The Musiah Piano Method has been taught to more than 80,000 students since 1995


And to give you a quick example of one of the techniques used in the Musiah Piano Method…


What Not To Do


You have probably heard phrases like Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit or Great Big Dogs Frighten Auntie that are used by piano teachers everywhere.


Now these phrases are supposed to help your note reading, but they actually don’t.


They slow it down — dramatically —especially for young kids who are still getting used to the alphabet.


Let’s say a student is reading the top treble note (see image below) and they count up the lines of the treble stave saying “Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit”...


13 Treble Note F


A young kid doesn’t instantly make the connection that “Fruit” is an “F” in the same way an adult would.


How Simple Tongue Twisters Dramatically Improve Note Reading


Instead, through Musiah, I encourage students of all ages to say “EGBDF” as if it were a tongue twister.


How quickly can you say “EGBDF”?


EGBDF — it gets you there to the note you are reading much quicker.



By using a range of smart techniques like this, the Musiah

Piano Method dramatically improves students’ note reading…



Available 24/7 To Support You


24-7CBut what really makes Musiah incredibly effective is that he’s available to support you every step of the way 24/7.


By contrast, a traditional teacher can only be with their students once a week — during lessons.


The rest of the time (in a traditional piano lesson scenario) students are left to their own devices without any support from one week’s lesson to the next, often without knowing if they are practicing their songs correctly.


This results in a lot of wasted time as students tend to form bad habits that need to be corrected in subsequent lessons when they could otherwise be progressing on to new pieces.


With Musiah’s online piano lessons, it’s like having your own personal piano teacher on hand at every moment of your practice, so you’re always supported, and you know you are learning your songs correctly.


This boosts your productivity and progress by up to 1600% and you’ll have FUN while you’re learning.


Ground-Breaking Case Study Paves Way For Amazing Results…


Case Study Cover CroppedUnlike other piano courses or unlike other teaching courses where they claim to teach this and they claim to teach that, we went ahead and actually proved how fast students can learn with Musiah.


Before Musiah was released to the public, we grabbed a bunch of students who had never learned piano before, and we asked them to try a very rough “Alpha” version of Musiah for 10 weeks.


As luck would have it, among the students we chose, there was not one but two pairs of twins.


Now twins, as you know, are very special. They are as genetically similar to each other as you can get. And this gave us a unique opportunity to really put Musiah to the test.


The first pair of twins was 9 years old, and what we did was for 10 weeks, we had the first twin learn with a traditional piano teacher while the second twin learned with Musiah.


And at the end of the 10 weeks, the twin who had the traditional piano lessons had learned 4 songs while the twin who had lessons with Musiah learned 19 songs.


So… if a student taking piano lessons online with Musiah can learn faster than a student taking traditional piano lessons… would it be optimal for students to learn piano with both Musiah AND a traditional teacher?


Let’s find out…


What happened with the second pair of twins was even more interesting.


They were 12 years old, and for 10 weeks what we did was we had one twin learn with both Musiah AND a traditional piano teacher while the second twin just learned with Musiah.


At the end of the 10 weeks, the twin who had both types of tuition had learned 19 songs, but the twin who was only learning with Musiah had learned 26 songs.


So what we learned from this is that the presence or absence of a traditional piano teacher is not the main factor in determining the success of a student.


Rather, the presence or absence of Musiah is the important factor.


If a student has access to Musiah, whether or not they are also learning from a traditional piano teacher, they will progress faster than an average student learning with a traditional teacher alone.


In fact, beginners who took part in the 10 week case study learned on average 5-8 times faster than students learning the same material through traditional lessons, which is a fantastic result.


But even more impressive is the results Musiah students have been achieving since the case study.


How To Learn Piano 16 Times Faster


MichaelTake Michael Ortiz, age 13 as an example.


In August 2013, Michael became the first person to complete the Musiah syllabus online and he did so in just 18 weeks.


That’s 6 years of learning in 18 weeks!


In other words, Michael completed the entire course an incredible 16 times faster than an average student taking traditional piano lessons.


So what was different about Michael’s approach that enabled him (and students like him) to progress even faster than the students in the case study?


Well, just like traditional piano students when they first start out, the beginners in the 10 week case study practiced for 15-30 mins a day, 3-5 days a week.


Now Michael also started out practicing 15-30 mins a day, but then he increased his practice levels to 60 mins or more as the pieces became more advanced and sometimes even practiced for 2 hours.


So what Michael did instinctively was he allowed his practice levels to rise as the pieces became harder so he would be practicing an appropriate amount for the level of advancement of the songs he was learning.


If you think about it, that makes perfect sense because… a Custom _rocket _graph _12883traditional student who has been learning for 5-6 years, and is on say Level 12 (of 13 Levels), will usually be practicing 60-90 mins a day, 5-6 days a week.


That’s the sort of practice Michael was doing when he was learning Level 12. The only difference is when Michael was doing it, he had only been learning for a matter of weeks.


From Michael and other students like him, what we have learned is that a Musiah student can reasonably expect to become ‘advanced’ extremely quickly if they adopt the practice habits that would normally be associated with an ‘advanced’ student, and this is what will really turbo charge your learning.


The Magic Sauce


Stick _figure _riding _arrow _1600_clr _7117So, with Musiah, if you practice for say 15-30 mins a day, 3-5 days a week, you will progress 5-8 times faster than a typical traditional piano student.


But if you’re willing to put in a little bit more time and allow your practice levels to gradually increase as the pieces become more advanced like Michael did…


YOU will progress an amazing 16 times faster than a typical traditional piano student.


So, in a few short weeks, YOU too can play piano like someone who has been taking traditional piano lessons for 6 years.


What age range is Musiah suitable for?


Musiah is suitable for students from age 7 to 97, so whether you’re a kid or an adult, you can enjoy the benefits of these fantastic online piano lessons in your own home when it suits you.


If you don’t have time to learn and practice the piano the conventional way...

don’t worry, because online piano lessons with Musiah are incredibly convenient.


If you can’t be available at the same time each week for your lessons...

Musiah is the perfect solution for you.


If you’re shy or embarrassed about making mistakes in front of a traditional piano teacher...

you don’t need to worry about that with Musiah because he does not judge you.


If you don’t want to be sitting in traffic to and from a weekly conventional piano lesson...

you’ll love piano lessons online with Musiah because there is


  • no driving time
  • no petrol or other travel costsand
  • no time wasted


If you’re afraid that you might be too old to start learning, let me tell you...

Age is no barrier — you are never too old to learn.


FUN for adults and kids


Custom _text _and _music _notes _coming _out _of _a _box _11963One of the great things about Musiahis that it uses fun and easy-to-play games to make learning piano easy and fun.


This is important for both adults and kids, because having fun is how we learn things fast.


So when Musiah teaches theory and note-reading, there are no lengthy boring explanations because the teaching is done through


  • interactive games that are not only fun, they are designed to
  • re-enforce skills and knowledge in a measureable, enjoyable way which
  • makes learning highly efficient for both adults and kids.


And of course, Musiah’s high quality virtual instrumentsare terrific fun to play.


And the CD-quality audio backing tracks are great fun to play along to.


But perhaps one of the most strikingly original and FUN features of Musiah is that the piano lessons take place within the context of an interactive story set in the future in which the student is one of the last surviving humans in the galaxy.


Kids will love this, of course. But if you are considering lessons for yourself as an adult and you’re wondering if this will suit you, then this is where I urge you to keep an open mind…


By presenting the lessons in a game-like environment, this not only benefits kids — it benefits adults too because using games and having fun is the best way to learn for both adults and kids.


We of course have many adult students some of whom are in their 70’s and 80’s.


In fact, more than half of all Musiah students are adults.


It’s interesting the things that some of our adult students say about the Musiah story…




“Upon opening the program it establishes a friendly environment in which piano students can study, practice and even feel welcomed in! The interface is easy and fun to navigate.


I believe that the entertaining child-like story lines and characters also play a very significant role in engaging adults in learning piano.


Firstly on the surface level, it is highly engaging as students of all ages like ‘achievement and recognition’ (we like seeing things get done, ticking things off, earning reward points etc.).


This is achieved through the story line and the process of collecting stars to unlock pieces of the clavitrisk (a special key).


Secondly on a deeper level, the use of child friendly animations, establishes an underlying sensation of ‘joy’ which makes the student feel at ease, a sense of (childhood) fun and playfulness.


This is astonishing, because it places the students in the most receptive state of learning.


It allows the students to not feel threatened or intimidated by a scholarly musical maestro sitting across the table from them (as would have traditionally been the case).


So Musiah overcomes a huge barrier that holds a lot of people back from learning piano, especially in their later stages of life.”


Michael Koureskas — Watsonia, VIC Australia

(Adult Piano Student)




So Musiah may look cute and kid-friendly (which he is), but don’t let that fool you into thinking the tuition in Musiah’s online piano lessons is somehow basic, or not suited to adults…


Musiah is equally suited to adults as it is for kids.


And as celebrity music maestro John Foreman says…


“There are going to be a lot of adults who are enjoying the process of learning music through Musiah as well as the kids...


I think it is going to have a profound effect on the way music is studied.


For adults, I think sometimes we get shy about performing in front of people. For those people, you can practice in the privacy of your own home and get to a certain level before you surprise everybody with your skills.


I think Musiah is fantastic... It is going to revolutionize the way people learn music.”


John Foreman — Celebrity Music Maestro


A Great Solution For Adults


As well as FUN, there are of course many other reasons why Musiah’s online piano lessons really are a great solution for adults.




Leigh Blackburn"From the very start Musiah makes learning the piano fun and interesting, I can now quite easily read notes off sheet music, am learning to co-ordinate my fingers for different chords and have learnt a number of different scales.


Even though in Musiah you are an 'Earthling' trying to save the universe from an alien attack, which may come off a bit 'Kiddy', it's a great way to learn and you can work at your own pace, whenever you're available.


I would recommend Musiah to anyone, of any age, who is keen to learn properly how to play piano!"


Leigh Blackburn — Spring Farm, NSW Australia

(Adult Piano Student)




“I look forward each night when I prepare to practice keyboard with Musiah to following the story and its background clues as I advance through the lessons.


I am finding it islike a replacement to watching a drama serial. It makes it a lot of fun.


Andrew Staples — Palm Beach, QLD Australia

(Adult Piano Student)




Why Musiah is better than traditional piano lessons


What’s great about Musiah is that it overcomes the downsides of traditional piano lessons like


  • The time and cost of travelling to and from lessons
  • Having to attend lessons at a fixed time each week
  • No support when you’re practicing on your own at home between lessons
  • The high cost of traditional piano lessons
  • And if, from time to time, you don’t want to hear certain feedback (for example, if you know what you did wrong), Musiah also comes with a handy “Skip” button (unlike a traditional piano teacher).


Why Musiah is better than other online piano lessons


And Musiah overcomes the limitations of other software-based piano lesson products


  • Other online piano lessons give very basic feedback, but Musiah is a virtual piano teacher who tells you precisely where you’re going wrong so you can make corrections
  • Other online piano lessons have very limited interactivity with little more than a pause button but Musiah, through the miracle of Artificial Intelligence, responds to your playing and speaks to you just like a traditional private piano teacher, giving you continuous guidance in a way that is natural, supportive and encouraging.
  • Other online piano lessons offer generic tuition, but each Musiah lesson is individually crafted in minute detail to bring you highly tailored tuition to help you master each lesson.
  • Other online piano lessons contain one or two videos per lesson, but Musiah contains thousands and thousands of animations, voice recordings, tutorials, charts, quizzes, games and challenges that are seamlessly woven into each lesson so you’ll feel like you are being taught by a traditional piano teacher sitting next to you.
  • Other online piano lessons give you all the feedback at once, but Musiah also has theability to prioritize — which is widely considered to be one of the most advanced areas in the field of Artificial Intelligence. So if there are multiple issues, Musiah prioritizes which issues to address and in what order to address them, which means that the feedback you receive is very natural and life-like.


Created on anepic scale, Musiah is by far the most technologically advanced computer-based or online piano lessons system anywhere in the world today.


As I mentioned earlier, more than half of all Musiah students are adults — like Judy Cocu, age 56, from Bairnsdale in Melbourne.




Judy _Cocu _Mature _Age _Musiah _Piano _Student"As a mature aged student, I am fulfilling a lifetime dream to learn to read music and play. I am immensely satisfied with theMusiah system and thoroughly enjoy the lessons.


The flexibility to work at my own pace and in my own time (my favorite feature) works well with other commitments. The animation is fun and the ability to review and practice at any time keeps me highly motivated.”


Judy Cocu — Bairnsdale, VIC Australia

(Adult Piano Student)




Hayley Waterhouse"I must tell you, Musiah exceeded my expectations and is too perfect for words… in one day of using Musiah not only did I learn more but everything I had tried to understand fell into place…


The joy (and relief) of successfully auditioning a piece is incredible… I am so appreciative of the work you have put into developing this software. I know it must’ve been such a lot of work but I know it will change many lives as it has mine already."


Hayley Waterhouse — South Penrith, NSW Australia

(Adult Piano Student)




Musiah Speaks To You And Guides You Every Step Of The Way


Notebook _brain _electrodes _1600_clr _10862Years ahead of its time, using the latest A.I. (or Artificial Intelligence) technology, Musiah speaks to you just like a live teacher sitting next to you, and guides you every step of the way.


He not only points out mistakes, such as


  • notes that were played incorrectly
  • notes that were left out
  • extra notes played that are not on the sheet music at all
  • timing issues
  • duration issues (where notes have not been held for the correct length)
  • and more


To see just how advanced Musiah is, try deliberately making some mistakes yourself – just to test him.




Andrew _Staples“Musiah is a patient and caring teacher, who wants his students to learn well.


I have answered some questions incorrectly and played when I shouldn’t just to see how it goes over with Musiah. Very amusing.


I often lose myself when immersed in his classroom.”


Andrew Staples — Palm Beach, QLD Australia

(Adult Piano Student)




Musiah teaches you how to READ SHEET MUSIC…


  • quickly
  • fluently
  • easily




“We were so glad to hear about Musiah when it was released. My children went to piano lessons for nearly five years using the Suzuki method, and although they loved their teacher, I'm afraid they still knew very little about reading music and couldn't identify most of the notes. We knew it was time for a change, and Musiah is very convenient and affordable, and covers all aspects of music. Thanks again for a great product.


Tania Cross — Langhorne Creek, SA Australia (Mum)




Learn to play 100's of songs in a variety of styles


In Musiah’s Online Piano Lessons, you will learn to play hundreds of songs in a variety of styles.


Here are just a few examples:


(Video plays a selection of pieces from the Musiah syllabus)


Age is no barrier — it’s NEVER TOO LATE to learn


Now if you’re a senior and you’re concerned that you may a bit too old to start learning, please don’t be.


We have adult students who started with Musiah in their 70’s and 80’s and they told us…




Lorraine Hornby Piano“I bought a piano a couple of years ago and tried to teach myself with various free lessons on youtube. What a disaster!


But surfing the web I came across Musiah and it changed my life. (Now I don't have time to make tea for my husband).


I'm really enjoying the lessons and the discipline.


To all the seniors out there who think it would be too hard to learn the piano — have a go, it's good fun and it has given me a great sense of achievement.”


Lorraine Hornsby — Kengsley, WA Australia

(Adult Piano Student – 70 years young)




Kath“I was given a keyboard and was signed up to Musiah by my husband as a Christmas gift and retirement gift.


I had never played any more than plonking a note here and there. I was honestly a bit overwhelmed at the idea of learning as my sense of timing is poor. How wrong was I.


I have loved the programme. It is fun, challenging and very fulfilling.


The teaching method is terrific as is the feedback and revision.


The classroom experience is really fun too. I am an addict and play most days.


I have now progressed to 2nd level and I have signed up for a year’s subscription.


Ps. My timing is improving and I love learning something creative and fun.


Many thanks, Musiah!”


Kath Godfrey — Hoppers Crossing, VIC Australia

(Adult Piano Student – 62 years young)




I would recommend Musiah without hesitation to anyone (and I have) who is even remotely considering learning the piano...


because once you start with Musiah you will never look back."


Michael Koureskas — Watsonia, VIC Australia

(Adult Piano Student)




So the proof is in the pudding as they say…


It really is NEVER too late to learn.


Unparalleled Personal Support And Service From Me, Personally


And another great feature about Musiah is... the support you receive is Brendan Hogan Musiah Inventor 185second to none.

As the inventor and creator of Musiah and a piano teacher of more than 30 years’ experience, I am incredibly passionate about ensuring that you receive


  • great results from your lessons and
  • the best possible experience and outcomes whenever any issues arise


That’s why I personally respond to EVERY single customer email and inquiry.

The simple fact is, I genuinely care about YOU and I want you to get the most from your lessons.

When you send me an email, you will always receive a prompt, courteous, informed reply from me personally


  • usually within 1 to 2 hours during our official support hours, and
  • within 4-8 hours if you email me at the weekend or after hours

And, if needed, I am also happy to call you personally.


Guarantee: I will personally respond to you within 24 Hours*


Ribbon _seal _1600_clr _12051In fact, when you email me, I guarantee that I will personally respond to you within 24 hours.


I give this guarantee as a sign of my commitment to you that, even if I’m


  • in hospital
  • attending a funeral
  • moving house...


No matter what is going on in my life, I will always personally reply to you ASAP and you will NEVER have to wait more than 24 hours to hear from me personally.


The bottom line is, I am here for YOU.


*Disclaimer: This guarantee will not apply in circumstances beyond my control such as a natural disaster.


This is what our customers are telling us about the support they receive…




“Thanks for the encouragement. Also, thanks again for the personal help with the product... that's pretty much unparalleled customer support.


I will certainly recommend this program to anyone I know who decides to pick up the piano.”


Aubrey Walker — Baton Rouge, LA United States

(Adult Piano Student)




“Brendan... It was great getting a chance to speak with you the other day. Thank you so much for your patience and help.


I find your customer service unparalleled in any business or service I have ever encountered.


Nanci Roberts — Shadow Hills, CA United States

(Adult Piano Student)




Kids LOVE Musiah's online piano lessons


JacksonMusiah isn’t for adults only… Kids love it too because Musiah’s game-like environment and the games within the lessons make learning piano just like playing computer games.


That’s why kids love Musiah. In fact, Musiah games are even more interesting and more fun than computer games because…


  • The lessons come as an interactive story. The program literally includes a cast of interesting, funny, colorful characters that talk with and respond to your child as they learn how to play the piano.
  • The syllabus includes tunes your child will recognize and want to learn how to play.
  • Musiah includes “games within a game”, such as symbol-recognition games, symbol-matching games, quizzes, and performance challenges.
  • Kids love the sense of achievement that comes with learning new skills and new songs.


Parents and kids themselves are telling us how much fun they’re having in their online piano lessons with Musiah.




“We think Musiah is great. My 13 year old son just loves it.


We are now starting our 11 year old son.


There is nothing out there like it. To be able to have the instant feedback at every practice is huge. You don't even get that with a private teacher.


When my son took lessons from a teacher once a week he would forget how he was supposed to play a piece and so he would be playing it wrong all week until we met with the teacher again.


That's a lot of wasted time, which also translates into a lot of wasted money”


Rebecca Hatch — Lindon, UT United States (Mum)




“Musiah is fantastic!


It covers all the keyboard detailed skills. Here I really want to thank Musiah!


My son George is a primary school grade 1 student. He has shown a great improvement from Level 1 to Level 6 with the help of Musiah within less than 4 months.


Every week he just spends less than 4 hours, but the improvement is unbelievable.


The most important thing is Musiah giving George passion for keyboard.


I never need to push him. He is just enjoying learning!


I think Musiah provides a fantastic professional way to learn music!”


Bonnie Ji — Hoppers Crossing, VIC Australia (Mum)




Even piano teachers are recommending Musiah…


“I want to tell you how much we really love Musiah!


Although I’m a pianist and a former piano teacher, teaching my own kids to play piano was not an enjoyable experience for any of us!


We had difficulty finding time for lessons, and we butted heads constantly.


Musiah has been wonderful for our family! My daughters now enjoy piano time and I love how the practicing element is incorporated into the “game.”


I’ve recommended your program to many of my friends and will continue to do so.


(Plus, now when people ask me to teach their kids piano I can say, “Try Musiah!” instead of just saying, “Sorry, I’m too busy!”)”


Erin Evans — Melbourne, FL United States

(Mum and former piano teacher)




Email Reports Keep Parents Informed Of Kids’ Progress


For busy parents, another handy feature of Musiah is the regular progress reports by email.


So you’ll never have to wonder where your kids are up to or how they are progressing.




Email Reports“Another great feature of Musiah for parents is the emailed reports we receive.


I don't play the piano myself and I have several children so I can't sit with each child during their lesson, so what would happen is the teacher used to tell us that my son was not practicing what he was supposed to be practicing during the week, and he was not practicing the amount of time he was supposed to be doing.


With Musiah I never have to worry about those issues because I get the reports telling me exactly what he is doing.


I also don't have to fight with my son to get him to practice because he really enjoys playing with Musiah, he's always excited to get to the next level.


Musiah has truly been an answer to our prayers, it has taken such a load off of us as parents.


If I could design the perfect piano program this would be it, the developer was quite a genius.


To top it all off you just couldn't get a better price. What more could we ask for?”


Rebecca Hatch — Lindon, UT United States (Mum)




“I can hardly find the words to describe how much of a positive impact this has had on both my daughters.


Their progress and enthusiasm has truly been amazing.


We require them to spend at least 20 minutes a day except for Fridays, but lately they have been asking if they can do more!


We have a piano upstairs and I am amazed when they sit down and play. They have even opened a beginner’s book and sight read pieces fairly accurately on the piano.


When you consider they knew nothing 6 months ago, their progress under Musiah’s watchful tutelage is truly impressive. Keep up the good work!


When I find the time, I am going to continue my lessons. By that time, my girls will be able to help me!”


Danny Lankford - Marietta, Georgia, United States (Dad)




And John Foreman, pianist and musical director of a number of famous tv shows, agrees…


“Musiah’s online piano lessons software is going to open a whole of doors for young people who are interested in music but who might not necessarily have the patience to sit down and practice half an hour every day.


Practicing music used to be a bit of a chore but with this program… kids are going to be coming back to the keyboard and coming back to the computer because they want to get to the next level.”


John Foreman — Celebrity Music Maestro




Unparalleled Personal Support And Service From Me, Personally


And once again, if you ever need assistance or if you have a query about any aspect of the program, I am literally an email away.


And I personally respond to EVERY single customer email and inquiry.


How Much Do Musiah’s Online Piano Lessons Cost?


Now you’re probably wondering how much do Musiah’s online piano lessons cost compared to traditional piano lessons?


Traditional Piano Lesson Costs


Traditional Piano Lesson CostsWell, depending on where you live, a typical traditional beginner private piano lesson fee is $30.00 for a 30 minute lesson.


Assuming 40 teaching weeks per year, the true costs of this are:


  • Opportunity Cost: Assuming a half hour trip each way, while you are driving to and from the piano lesson, that is time that you could be working, earning more money. Say you earn $30.00 per hour… the hour and a half that you have lost by travelling to and from each lesson plus attending the lesson has cost you an “Opportunity Cost” of $45.00.
  • Travel Cost: Then let’s say the cost of petrol to drive to and from the lessons is $5.00 each way, that’s $10.00 in travel costs per lesson.
  • Lesson Fee: Then there’s the cost of the traditional piano lessons itself which is $30.00


Total Cost Per Lesson: So the total cost per lesson is $85.00

Total Cost Per Year: which, based on 40 lessons a year, is a whopping $3,400.00


Musiah's Piano Lessons Cost Much Less


Hand _giving _dollar _sign _pc _1600_clr _4318By contrast, online piano lessons with Musiah cost much less...


only a fraction of traditional lessons — without all the trouble and inconvenience...


and there is no opportunity cost.


Plus, you will learn up to 16 times faster and have more fun.


Musiah's Special Introductory Offer – For a Limited Time Only


To get you started, you get a FREE Musiah Online Piano Lessons 14 Day Trial


You can cancel any time within 14 days and your card will not be charged, so there is NO RISK.


After your FREE 14 Day Trial, there are four plans (subscription options) to choose from:


  • Monthly USD $24.99
  • 3 Monthly USD $69.99 (normally $74.97 SAVE $5.00)
  • 6 Monthly USD $129.99 (normally $149.94 SAVE $20.00)
  • 12 Monthly USD $199.99 (SAVE $100.00 — that's 4 months FREE)


On the monthly plan, one month is just USD $24.99.


That’s less than a dollar a day, and discounts apply if you choose the 3, 6 or 12 monthly plan.


And with Musiah's online piano lessons, up to 6 family members can all learn for the same low price.


So for example, if you’re on the monthly plan...


For $24.99, 1 person can learn, or 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 6 family members can all learn — and it still only costs $24.99 a month.

Group _jumping _up _1600_clr _12574


That’s outstanding value!


So Musiah’s online piano lessons cost less than one tenth of the cost of traditional piano lessons, and with Musiah up to 6 people can learn at no additional cost.


And there are NO CONTRACTS, so you’re not locked in for a fixed period.


YOU are always in control.


In the word's of celebrity music maestro John Foreman...


"Musiah's online piano lessons are Absolutely THE BEST VALUE, the most convenient and the most fun way to learn piano".


John Foreman — Celebrity Music Maestro




Imagine in just 30 mins from now...


YOU can play the piano with both hands and read the sheet music.


Imagine in a couple of weeks...


YOU can play dozens of songs and you’re ready for your first performance.


Imagine in 3 or 4 months...


YOU can play piano at the standard of someone who has been learning the piano the traditional way for years.


Well, it really is possible when you take online piano lessons with Musiah, our intelligent virtual piano teacher who is caring, patient, never tired and always available to support and guide you on your musical adventure.


Try Musiah yourself — risk free for 14 days!


  • Fulfill your lifelong dream to play piano
  • Treat yourself to the best piano lessons available anywhere
  • Amaze your friends and family with the songs you can play
  • Unlock your full potential
  • Discover your hidden talent


This amazing opportunity is at your fingertips right now.


To get started: Click the “Free Trial” button on any page at


If you have any questions for me personally, please feel free to email me directly at [email protected]


Don’t wait to change your life. Go ahead and click the “Free Trial” button NOW!


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