About Musiah

Musiah is the world's first A.I. (Artificially Intelligent) virtual keyboard music teacher - a new software invention that provides adults and children with human-like piano-style keyboard music lessons at a fraction of the cost of traditional private piano or keyboard lessons.

The word "Musiah" means a musician of great and rare musical ability, one whose gift is so strong that it is often accompanied by special powers and great wisdom. A person who has achieved the rank of Musiah is referred to as "Musiah", much like one would address a professor as "professor".



What people say about Musiah


We are thrilled with the results my 9 year old daughter has obtained so far. The program keeps her interest and the constant feedback and interactive learning keeps her attention and encourages her to keep working when she cannot master the skills initially. The value of the program is great. If we took her to lessons at a store she would receive 30 minutes a week for about $25. We paid for the whole year and she has already completed 19 lessons and is moving on the level 2 (it has been less than 3 months) She is playing with both hands and learning to read music and play in time. We are a family of musicians, (husband - guitar, son-drums, mom-sings) and we have told many people about Musiah, we are sold!


Tyanne Pethel (mother of student, Jordan) - Marietta GA, USA


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