About Musiah

Musiah is the world's first A.I. (Artificially Intelligent) virtual keyboard music teacher - a new software invention that provides adults and children with human-like piano-style keyboard music lessons at a fraction of the cost of traditional private piano or keyboard lessons.

The word "Musiah" means a musician of great and rare musical ability, one whose gift is so strong that it is often accompanied by special powers and great wisdom. A person who has achieved the rank of Musiah is referred to as "Musiah", much like one would address a professor as "professor".



What people say about Musiah


I am 61 years old and a tennis coach. With no previous musical experience I have been teaching myself piano for two years from youtube and books. I also took weekly private lessons for 6 months. Until I discovered Musiah I was all over the place learning bits and pieces of things but progress was slow and uncertain. I was always searching for a teaching method that consistently measured progress, while using interesting music, and a structured approach to learning. Musiah does all that and more. It is by far the best teaching method i have used. Every lesson builds on the previous one, and progress is specific and measurable. It is more fun than any computer game, and I look forward to my lessons every day.


Bruce Eaton (mature-age adult student) - Craignish QLD, Australia


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